Parasite Galaxy - Aberrations and Magical Girls
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Comic 383 - Aberrations and Magical Girls

12th Jan 2017, 9:59 PM in A Deal with the Devil
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Aberrations and Magical Girls
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Author Notes:

12th Jan 2017, 9:59 PM
For more on aberrations see this page

Anyway I'm not one of those people who put the Burton batman films on a pedastal, they both had some problems especially batman returns, but at the same time they did some things very well. In the case of batman returns I think one of the things that movie did which was kind of cool is each of the films antagonists was sort of a crooked version of an aspect of batman in a sense. The penguin was the abandoned orphan, catwoman the masked vigilante and Shreck was the billionair. I kind of tried to do something similar to that with some of the villains in parasite Galaxies story, Tempura Panda like Hebiko is an innocent creature thrust into a cruel world, but they both reacted to that in a different way. And now , like Hebiko our next major antagonist is a similar sort of being an aberration. Of course one difference, and I don't think even Kigurumi is aware of it is Hebiko was born one, while she became one later on in her life.