Parasite Galaxy - I got a surprise for you!
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Comic 348 - I got a surprise for you!

21st Aug 2016, 7:26 PM in Night of the Langolarpers
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I got a surprise for you!
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Author Notes:

21st Aug 2016, 7:26 PM
So I'm not here right now, I'm in new york on a bigfoot hunt. I'll be back around august 28th and hopefully the auto update will work ok. I will be taking a break on this after this chapter is over, not sure how long it will be but probably not that long.

Anyway for a brief moment I thought "what if Sadako had said say hello to my little freind" like in scarface,of course I didn't do that because that line has been completely ruined by every movie and other media that has referenced it. I mean when it was first used it was a good line but then everyone else just ran it into the ground. I know it was used again in new ghostbusters, and I have to ask , who thinks it is a good idea to keep beating this dead horse? I mean it's not cool or funny anymore to say because you hear it in like every other movie now. It's old, it's a decaying mummy.

EDIT: Oh crap, auto update failed me, I entered the wrong date and this updated at the wrong time. My perfect record is ruined! Nuoooo! Also it seems somehow a page that came after this one updated into a couple pages back, I deleted that but I have no idea how this happened.