Parasite Galaxy - Putting the oni on Onikyu island
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Comic 344 - Putting the oni on Onikyu island

4th Aug 2016, 8:30 PM in Night of the Langolarpers
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Putting the oni on Onikyu island
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Author Notes:

4th Aug 2016, 8:30 PM
Looks like soon Mac will have more to worry about then just embarrassing himself!


5th Aug 2016, 12:15 AM
Like pissing himself? I mean look at that red dude hulking out! Would not blame Mac if he did. Hell, bet that guy is going so as we speak.

Looks like the party has gotten started.
5th Aug 2016, 1:00 AM
Yes, there most likely will be piss. The guy by oni, executive producer Craig Moomy claims executive producers don't pee themselves, that claim is a lie.
12th Aug 2016, 2:10 AM
I don't know why
but I feel as though the smaller gentleman in the final panel is looking at something that is obscured from the readers.

Though, obviously, such matters are petty. The significance of this scene is clear. We must now mourn the loss of the true hero of this story. Taken too early, they would have led us all into a wonderful future free of despair and filled with meaning. Blue Coat, you shall be eternally missed, may your memory be enough to comfort us in the tragic times that must inevitably follow your tragic demise.