Parasite Galaxy - For the good of mankind
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Comic 340 - For the good of mankind

21st Jul 2016, 10:25 PM in Night of the Langolarpers
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For the good of mankind
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Author Notes:

21st Jul 2016, 10:25 PM
Yeah, you know this would happen if (insert name of real politician here) were offered that deal.

Also saw the new ghostbusters movie, after months of negative hype, serious internet debates and many many people giving very detailed opinions about a movie they never even saw, I can safely say... that this movie was ok. It wasn't great but wasn't terrible either. I'm kind of having trouble deciding if I liked this or ghostbusters 2 more. But yeah after all the negative hype I kind of feel there was this huge crowd of people waiting to open a box, something shocking and amazing was supposed to be in the box, but it was actually just a cheeseburger. you were expecting schroedingers cat, but nope it was a cheeseburger all along!