Parasite Galaxy - Let the Buyer Beware!
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Comic 304 - Let the Buyer Beware!

17th Mar 2016, 5:30 PM in The Breaking Point
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Let the Buyer Beware!
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Author Notes:

17th Mar 2016, 5:30 PM
So anyway I recently read the manga "opus" by the late Satoshi Kon. I have to say this probably ties with 7 billion needles as my favorite manga, as it was pretty amazing even though it was left unifinished, in fact I dare say the fact that is was left unfinished added onto its amaxingness in an ironic and tragic sort of way. One of the main themes in Opus is about how stories can take on a life of their own but sometimes they can be left undone. Satoshi kon unfortantely died of cancer several years ago, so his story here will regrettibly remain unfinished. Satoshi Kons works both in terms of directing and storytelling were very influential on how I do some things here, so I was pretty interested in checking it out when I heard he did a manga, but yeah, won't spoil what happened but if you like weird complicated things you should give it a read.

Anyway, getting back to unfinished works, I think a lot of people who tell stories worry they won't be able to finish the stories they tell. If you have ever seen the 1960's toho film "kwaidan" based on the stories collected by Lafcadio Hearn, the last story in the film is about just that, a story that can't be completed about a samurai who drunk someones soul. I think maybe that story wentover the heads of a lot of people and was meant for fellow story tellers as their the ones it would hit home for the most.

I often wonder if I'll be able to finish my story here, some may ask why I put so much time and money into pg when I don't get much in return. The thing is I honestly feel its part of my lifes purpose to try to tell this story to its finish. And thats why I'll do my best to do just that regardless of the result. I used to think to myself "I would at least like to finish the Tempura Panda arc" I did that much at least so thats good. Of course material things don't last, as a character in one my favorite movies "talking head once said "I think as long as it finishes anything is happy. Besides...over time, films discolor , wear out, burn or melt away and dissapear." I suppose the same could be said for webcomics, perhaps even more so since most never finish, but even so hopefully someday parasite Galaxy will get its ending.


17th Mar 2016, 11:40 PM
She's so cute standing over her dead enemies! <3
18th Mar 2016, 3:39 AM
Dead enemies do bring out the cuteness