Parasite Galaxy - Adolescence & Cruelty
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Comic 190 - Adolescence & Cruelty

12th Feb 2015, 5:41 PM in Adolescence & Cruelty
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Adolescence  & Cruelty
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Author Notes:

12th Feb 2015, 5:41 PM
First page of Chapter 12!Get ready, this chapter will be more intense, the stakes will be higher and we'll finnally see some payoff in the much anticipated meeting of Hebiko and Tempura Panda! I've been working on it and so far I have to say this might be my favorite one so far.

And now for something special. As I was working on chapter 12 I thought alot about Tempura Panda and how much of an interesting character he really is. He's not someone who became a monster because he wanted to be one. He started out as a very innocent and lovable character. When I first came up with his origins, my idea is he started out as one of those cute cuddly characters, such as Gizmo the mogwai or Wicket the ewok or even E.T the alien. How surreal would it be if one of those three somehow went bad and actually became a really terrifying monster? That being said I got to wondering, how did such a innocent creature become such a stone cold monster? Part of the reason is of course when he died,he was resurected but as something a little different. That's not the primary reason though. Psychologically he was still the same upon his ressurection even if he had a few new instincts. No, it was his experiences that forged him into the psychopathic killer we know today. What sort of hell did he live through to turn him into such a monster? Unfortunately the story doesn't have time to address most of that. But it was such a compelling question I had an idea to write a side story about him. Most likely this will never become a comic even though I would like to make it into one , but I just don't have the time. But the story will still be told. The prologue is below, this takes place not too long before the events of the flashback seen in this chapter. We didn't get to see very much of Tempura Pandas old self in the last flashback, but we will here.

Before I begin with his tale though I think it's important to understand a little more about old earth and the magical communist union. True Communism as defined by Marx where everyone is equal and the governments wither away has never existed in reality. The governments of China and the soviet Union for example were communism in name only. The Magical Communist union is no exception to this rule.

The Union is composed of several castes, in each caste everyone in it is treated equally with the same pay, priviliges and rights. However as one moves up the ladder of castes, each one above has more rights and more priviliges and greater riches. They are below in descending order.

The God Caste: This caste has only one member, God-Empress Akenaton, Solar Assassin, the ruler of the magical communist union. Princess Kirin used to belong here as well but was banished in disgrace by her mother for spoilery reasons.

The Demi-God Caste: The Heliocentric Assassins, the magical girls chosen to serve directly under Solar Assassin. Sort of like an evil version of the sailor scouts.

The Holy Caste: Class A and B magical girls, these are the magical girls ranked as having the best abilities.

The Nobility Caste: These magical girls are ranked as C and D class, their abilities are less powerful. If Gemini were a normal magical girl she would be here.

The Liminal caste: Magical girl trainees, if members of this caste cannot pass their tests they are demoted to the worker caste.

The Worker Caste: Ordinary humans that have been specially bred to serve the magical girls. Also falling into this caste are beings such as artificial intelligences and other miscellanious beings.

The Untouchable Caste: These are the orcs, they are bred purely to work as soldiers and law enforcement since they are stronger then humans and are harder to kill. They are also used in heavy labor. Orc runts called Goblins can be bought as slaves by members of the castes above them.

The Asura Caste: Technically this is not a regular caste of this society. All beings designated enemies of the union fall into this caste. Under regular cercumstances they are to be exterminated on site unless there are political reasons not to do so. This includes the inhabitants of the blackhole kingdom as well as defective magical girls known as abberrations, members of the resistance and other indeviduals who either deviate from what is considered the norm or just go against the principles of the unions government. Hebiko and Gemini both fall into this caste however Solar Assassin felt it would be a waste of their considerable talents to get rid of them.

The magical Communist union has made contact with and subjugated a number of alien races. One they have failed to do so with is a race of what appear to be magical carnivorous ponies from another dimension heralding from what is known as the Blackhole Kingdom. It is unknown who threw the first blow but for a very long time the two groups were locked in a ceaseless war. As of this story they are sort of at peace much like how America and the USSR were during the cold war. That's right this universe is dominated by two malevolent powers , magical girls and magical ponys!

The Fall of Tempura Panda


35 Days prior to the destruction of old earth.

Dusk was setting in as the red sun reflected through the shady trees , Shinna a young girl of designer human blood heralding from the workers caste of the magical communist union often spent her free time playing in the woods outside her house. The workers caste was the second lowest rung on the social ladder in the union, right above the orcs, the untouchable caste. The workers caste was the caste regular humans held. The homosapiens as the 20th and 21st century knew them no longer existed for the most part. The humans of this era were bred and adjusted for several purposes by the Magical girls, the demigods who oversaw the progress of the union.

The Magical Communist Union was often criticized by those who were in a position to do so as being authoritarian and ruthless against those who opposed them. That being said the trains ran on time, crime was very low and environmental problems had been solved long ago. Little Shinna didn't care about the socio-political struggles of humanity under the thumb of the tyrannical government of the magical communist Union. She didn't care about the resistance, or the orcs who were often treated worse then animals. Those concerns weren't a part of her life as she like the majority of humanity was bred as a servile class that in most cases did not possess the instinct to rebel against their masters or question their decisions. If she were allowed to grow up, her childish innocence would have slowly been ground away as she would have been stuck in a roll chosen by the supercomputer known as “Harvester”.

Today none of that mattered though. Shinna may have seemed a run of the mill girl, but she had a secret only she knew. Due to her mothers job, Shinna often traveled, she never had a chance to make long lasting friends. That was until one day, she literally did make one.

It had been a day that started like any other. Shinna had moved into yet another new town, and here she wandered at it's outskirts trying to occupy herself. It was on this day her life changed as she came across a small mysterious animal. It resembled a teddy bear covered from head to toe in fried tempura batter causing it's fur to become matted and hard. Rather then cracking or peeling like one would expect Tempura batter to do however it was elastic and even healed , it almost seemed like a thick second layer of skin on the little animal. Most striking of all was it's ethereal blue glowing eyes. Anyone else may have been frightened by this animals sudden appearance as it seemed to come out of a puddle as if it were a swimming pool. Shinna however was not as she took the animal in as her new pet. Shinna did not know this animal was her creation, how she created it, why it appeared that day and many other questions that were never even asked by her much less answered.

The little animal she came to call Tempura Panda was no normal creature. He could float as if he were a balloon. He had human level intelligence and soon learned to talk in record time, learning much faster then a human baby would have been able to. But strangest of all he could not be seen by any adults. Occasionally another child could glimpse him, but regardless no adults ever believed in the creatures existence. Shinna had only tried to tell her mother once the day she found him. Her mother unable to sense him believed the animal to be a harmless imaginary friend Shinna had made up. Just to be on the safe side she warned Shinna not to play pretend around other adults. While she saw it as harmless imagination others may see it as a mental glitch in her programming and as a result she could be taken away for rewiring or worse purged. Taking her advice to heart Shinna was careful from that point on never to visibly interact with her secret friend in front of adults.

Shinna sat on a fallen tree as she waited. For the past several hours she had been participating in the mandatory education program of the MCU known as “The Program”. She had left Tempura Panda at home due to the fact that it could be bad if she interacted with him in class.

About half an hour earlier

Normally Tempura Panda disliked being left alone by Shinna. Neither really liked being separated from the other, but he seemed to dislike it much more then she did. Though one really couldn't blame him as she was really the only person he could interact with. Right now however he didn't mind being alone so much. The other night he and Shinna had watched a documentary about bears. Up until now he had felt like a small scared animal in a big unfamiliar world. But that documentary had taught him what he was, it had made it very clear that bears were powerful animals worthy of fear and respect! He was a bear, a ferocious bear that could probably kill a man with a single swipe of his mighty paw!

He had spent the entire day away from Shinna “image training” in front of the bathroom mirror practicing ferocious poses and terrifying growls and roars. “Grrraaawwlll!” he made a couple swiping motions with his paws at the mirror while baring his teeth. “Wow that was pretty good...but I need to make sure I'm doing it right. I need to show someone how scary a bear I am!” he didn't want to scare Shinna, besides she wasn't even around right now. Most humans couldn't see him which was a problem, but then he remembered Fliskers the house cat.

During the first week he had come to live with Shinna he had tried to play with the house cat and had been cut by the animals claws when he annoyed him too much. He shamefully remembered how he had cried from the pain inflicted by the cat. He hadn't even known how to speak very many words back then, he'd just been a baby mentally. But bears shouldn't cry, bears were ferocious and brave. He was a ferocious bear and he would put Fliskers in his place today. Jumping down from the sink he slowly hovered down to the ground before landing on his stubby legs and wobbling over to the door before peeking around it to see the large gray house cat sleeping under a table in the other room. He grinned in anticipation, this was it, he'd win back his pride of being a bear by scaring away that horrid beast that had hurt him.

He crawled up to Fliskers, slowly and stealthily like a mighty predator stalking its helpless prey. When he got within a few feet of the animal he stopped. He then began to growl baring his teeth at the cat while pawing at the air in what he thought was a motion that made him look fierce and intimidating. The lazy cat slowly opened his eyes and saw Tempura Panda growling and pawing at the air in front of him. For a moment Fliskers just looked at him without doing anything. If looks could talk, the look on Fliskers face right now would probably have said “Is this guy fucking serious?”

Fliskers seemed to briefly consider his options. The last time this weird animal had bothered him he clawed his face. He remembered that after he had done that it made a really unpleasant sound and then that human girl came in and got all upset at him. It was too much trouble to deal with. Giving an annoyed “Mraaaoow!” Fliskers slowly got up and ambled away from the ferocious bear so he could go sleep in peace somewhere else.

Tempura Panda stopped growling and pawing the air as he watched the cat leave. “I...I did it! I scared him away! I'm so ferocious! I'm so strong and powerful! Shinna will be so proud of me!” He then glanced at the clock, it was almost time to go meet her to play in the woods. “Alright! I can't wait to tell her how scary I am!”

A bit later in the woods:

“Shinnnnaaa!” she heard his excited voice call out as he belly flopped from the tree branches above her landing on her head. “So how was the program today? Learn anything fun?” he asked her with his usual enthusiasm.

“Naw, just the usual boring stuff. Anyway it'll be a couple hours before dinner. Any ideas for what we could do til then?”

“I dunno about that, but guess what I did today! I scared Fliskers! I'm a scary ferocious bear like the ones we saw last night!”

“T-P you shouldn't do that , what if he hurt you again? It's not nice to bother cats like that.”

“He wouldn't dare, I'm too strong for some sorry cat to hurt!” he said puffing up with pride.

“That's not what I remember.” Shinna admonished as he seemed to turn his head away in slight embarrassment.

“W-Well I'm much older and stronger now. I'm a bear you know...bears are stronger then cats!”

The two of them began head into the woods, Tempura Panda floating along next to Shinna as he bobbled through the air. “You need to work on your flying some more, you'll crash into a tree again. Maybe you should just walk.”

“I'm good at flying! Someday I'll be as fast as an ion ship! I won't cra—waaahh!” he narrowly missed bumping into a bush much to Shinnas amusement as she laughed.

As she followed him the two of them moved deeper into the woods until they came across something Shinna had not seen before. Something extremely unexpected, a person stood in the midst of the woods as if waiting for something, but not just any person. Standing in the midst of a clearing was none other then what was clearly a magical girl! She was dressed in an outfit that seemed to have aspects of greco-roman armor, she also sported a short skirt which seemed to be composed of a similar metallic sort of material as the rest of her outfit. On her back she seemed to have a small robotic man strapped to her who looked like the stereotypical little green man from mar sporting a ray gun in one robotic hand. Atop her head was a long flaming fiery tail of hair emerging from her helmet.“Oh my that a magical girl?” Shinna said in a hushed tone as the two of them watched from the bushes. She then remembered an image she had seen during one of the history lessons in the program. That wasn't just any magical girl, that was Martian Assassin, one of the heliocentric Assassins, the ruling class of the magical communist union. “Th-That's Martian Assassin! Why in the world is she here?”

“Maybe she also likes to play in the woods?” Tempura Panda innocently suggested. Martian Assassin slowly turned in their direction but she did not see them. Her eyes shown like two fiery embers. Of the members of the tightly knit clandestine order known as the Heliocentric Assassins, Martian Assassin was one of the most feared. She was as ruthless and terrifying as her appearance suggested. Even in the white washed history lessons of the union, it was known that she was not someone to be trifled with.

To her right was a huge hulking brute of a creature shaped like a human but with some distinct differences, it had greenish gray skin, fangs and pointy ears with glaring yellow eyes. Several more of these creatures emerged from the bushes as they all stopped in front of the magical girl. All of them were dressed in combat armor with state of the art detection equipment and weapons. “None of you found it? You animals are useless, we cannot allow the prisoner to escape. If word gets out to the black hole kingdom that we were keeping a failed clone of their empress another war could break out! All of you fan out and look for it again, you will comb this forest until you find it or I will personally kill one of you each time you report back to me empty handed is that understood?”

“I-I'm terribly sorry my lady! But it's gone! We've been combing this forest for hours and we haven't found it!” Martian Assassin without saying another word drew her flaming sword and decapitated the orc on the spot. If she had been paying attention she may have heard a small squeak from the bushes. Tempura Panda had placed his paw over Shinnas mouth.

“Does anyone else have any complaints?” The orcs all shook their heads. “Then obey my orders and find the prisoner! That thing is an imperfect clone of Empress Blackstar herself! It must be eliminated!”

“Shinna....I'm scared...we should leave! That ladies dangerous! This is dangerous!” he could feel Shinnas heart beating very fast in her little chest she the girl struggled not to scream at the sight of the orcs severed head on the ground. He was also having trouble keeping quiet himself for a moment he tried to convince himself he could handle things, this train of thought did not last long “Your a bear, a big strong ferocious bear, you can't be scared! No this is scary, we need to leave! We need to leave or we could be next”. Inside he began to panic, neither he nor Shinna had ever come close to looking death in the face before and now that they saw it, it was ugly. But what scared him more then losing his own life to this warrior was losing Shinna, he had no one else and he couldn't bare to think of seeing her severed head on the ground like that orcs. Doing his best to stifle his own panic, he grabbed her arm with his little paws as he tugged her with all his might and slowly Shinna stumbled away from the disturbing scene following him back down the hill behind the bushes.

After walking for a bit in stunned silence Shinna stammered out “W-Were not in was just an orc...she wouldn't k-kill a human...Orcs...Orcs are manufactured like robots...yeah s-she wouldn't harm us. I-If an orcs not performing it's task right, it's only natural for her to k-kill it...” Shinna said as she seemed like in her attempts to justify Martian Assassins actions she was simply trying to make herself feel less scared of the malevolent warrior they had seen.

The little bears eyes were still wide with fear “A-Are you sure? She seemed pretty mean...I've never seen a head detached like that...Shinna, what if she tries to detach my head? I like my head where it's at, I don't want to be detached Shinna! Don't let her detach me!” He said in a panic as he wrapped his arms around her shivering with fear. “I don't want your head detached either...we...we need to go! We need to go far away from here! It's dangerous! We need to go home! We need to go!”

“'s alright. Your not an orc so she wouldn't do that to you. She probably can't see you either. She certainly wouldn't harm a little girl either!” Shinna said as she pet his head.

“I-I hope not...what do you think she is looking for?”

“I missed most of what she said but she mentioned the Blackhole Kingdom. The Blackhole Kingdom is made of creatures that look sort of like weird black pony monsters, they have really sharp fangs and like to eat people. The Magical Communist Union used to be at war with them for awhile, but there was a peace treaty five years ago.” Shinna explained having calmed down in remarkable time from the site she saw, whether it was from the programming in the genetic alterations or if she had simply fooled herself into thinking the scene she saw was less horrific then it was. Shinna was now able to explain things somewhat calmly.

“Wait...monsters that eat people?” Tempura Panda said , a tinge of fear coming into his voice. He could see on Shinnas face, the dawning realization that something terrible could be on the loose and that they could end up being in its path. Steeling his own emotions Tempura Panda grabbed her hand again. “D-Don't worry Shinna. No space monsters will eat you because I'm here to protect you. I'm a very ferocious bear and if that monster comes I'll beat it up! I won't let it hurt you! I scared away Fliskers! I'm strong!” he pawed at the air a couple times and made some growling noises.

“Thanks T-P, but I think we should leave this to Martian Assassin, lets just go home and try to forget abou-” before she could finish her sentence one of the orcs from earlier emerged from the bushes blocking her path.

“This has been designated a restricted area little girl. What are you doing here?” the orc asked her.

She seemed to panic under his gaze for a moment until she said the wrong thing “I-I don't need to tell an orc anything! I'm just going for a walk.”

“On the contrary I think you do need to tell me everything. I'm am under the direct supervision of Martian Assassin on a class-A mission. Even if I am an orc, all citizens must comply with my authority on this matter, even if you were a magical girl this would not change human! That's right...I'm in charge here. Now then little girl, why are you here? Did you see anything unusual? This operation is a top secret military matter and we can't have any possible leaks.” He said as he lowered his rifle aiming at Shinnas face.

“Grrrrr...I'm a ferocious bear! And no one points a gun at Shinna! GRRRRR!” Tempura Panda growled at the orc attempting to demonstrate that he could put his money where his mouth was. He swiped the air a couple times with his paw.

Shinna glanced at her friend “What are you doing? Stop growling at him!” Shinna said under her breath but still very noticeably

The orc merely raised an eyebrow as it appeared to him the little girl was having a conversation with nothing. Was she defective? Well that would be an issue the authorities could sort out after she was interrogated.

“I won't let him hurt you Shinna! Run away, I'll stop him!” He tensed up his body getting on all fours, making more swiping motions with his front paw as he got between Shinna and the baffled looking orc. “I'll tear you apart with my claws!” in reality his stubby little claws probably wouldn't have even been able to harm Fliskers much less this orc, but this thought never occurred to him, after all he was a powerful bear, his claws could rip this monster apart if he got too close!

“Stop it! You can't do anything!” Shinna shouted no longer trying to make pretenses that her friend wasn't there.

“I can! I'm a ferocious bear! I can protect you!” he stubbornly insisted.

“That's it, I'm taking you in for questioning!” The orc began to move towards them, the little bear tensed to try to spring at him. But before the situation could escalate any further something sprung from the bushes like lighting, a shadow moving like the scythe of death itself as it sprung upon the orc. The orc could only let out a short scream before the sound of snapping vertebrae filled the air. Standing before Shinna was the terrifying visage of Empress Blackstar of the Blackhole Kingdom the only galactic rival of the magical communist union. This creature if MCU propaganda was to be believed was the equivalent of the cosmic devil, an unspeakable evil that little Shinna and Tempura Panda never imagined they would ever encounter! Her long ethereal mane glowing like fire in the wind moved like the tendrils of an anemone in the sea. Her massive razor sharp curving fangs clutched the orcs cranium in her mouth. Atop her head was a shimmering glow of a curved horn, on her back were two glistening batlike wings. With a little pressure the skull burst open spilling its brains falling onto the ground. Had Shinna not been utterly and completely terrified into a state of shock she may have noticed, this monstrous pony had three glowing red eyes instead of two as she had seen in the photo of the empress she saw during the program. Also one of its wings was smaller then the other and Blackstars horn was straight, not curved like this ones. But as it was all she could do was to open her mouth to emit a silent scream that just couldn't seem to escape.

Tempura Panda sat up quickly coming to his senses, the orc had been slain but now an infinitely greater terror was standing before him. A horror from the depths of space that threatened the life of his one and only friend, no his only family. He couldn't let this monster take her away from him.

“Y-You! Back off!” he shouted as he came between them, the monstrous pony actually seemed to hear him as it turned to look at him. “You leave her alone! If you don't I'll beat you up! I'm a bear, a ferocious bear and you'd better run if you know what's good for you! I'll maul you! GRRRR!” he growled , pawing at the air attempting to make himself seem threatening to the monster. The site of the little animal attempting to intimidate the monster under other circumstances may have seemed cute or comical. But there was nothing funny about this life or death situation, Shinna knew that unless something drastic happened they would both die here and now!

The beast took a single step towards him, he tensed his little body preparing to leap at the monster. “T-P STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Shinna screamed as she was shaken from the state of shock by the actions of her little friend. The beast turned to look at her , but before it could move on her Tempura Panda scampered and leapt at the monsters front ankle biting it. The beasts flesh was so tough it felt like he was trying to bite an iron rod. The monster didn't even seem to register pain from his attack as it lifted its front leg into the air to examine the squirming little animal attempting to bite and claw at its steely hide. He flailed his little paws about attempting to smack the creature as it lowered it's face to look at him. Then with a single growl the monster opened its massive mouth revealing several rows of fangs before biting into him! Tempura Panda could only let out a scream of pain and fear as he felt the monsters fangs go through his tempura, cut past his fur, skin and dig into his flesh. As the beast shook him about like a rag doll . He could barely make out Shinna in his haze of disorientation and pain, with tears in her eyes screaming and running towards him.

“No...don't come here! Run away! Shinna what are you doing? Run away!” He attempted to shout but in the haze of pain half his words didn't come out coherently. In the past the only injuries he had ever received were little cuts and bruises, childish injuries he would cry over. The pain he was now experiencing was on a whole different level. But if it meant he could keep Shinna safe he would endure it, however it seemed it would be for nothing as his friend was dashing back towards the monster in a foolish attempt to aid him. The beast chucked him aside as it saw Shinna , it was about to lunge at her. But before it could it suddenly collapsed, it's two front legs had been removed from it's body. A fiery whip , moving almost to fast for the eye to see retracted to Martian Assassins hand.

“Oh, this cheap knockoff can't even grow it's legs back like the original? What a worthless piece of trash.” She stated before transforming her fire whip into a sword and beheading the injured monster with a single stroke. “Well it seems your a very lucky little girl. Thanks to you I caught our little friend. But I can't have any witnesses, nothing personal.” she said as she raised her sword.

Shinna could only watch as she raised her weapon with wide scared eyes. Martian Assassin wouldn't kill her?She was human, she hadn't done anything! This couldn't be happening! She was going to die without even knowing why!

“” Tempura Panda wheezed out as he struggled to get to his feet. His body burned in pain, but he had to move. “A bear...I'm ferocious...bear...stop...don't hurt...Shinna...”

But before her blade could fall another girl appeared, this one dressed in a silvery short skirt and gleaming metallic skin, a single bolt seemed to be protruding from her forehead “Jeez, all you have to do is wipe her memory. You don't have to decapitate everyone who rubs you the wrong way. Here I'll do it for you.” She lowered her hand and a single needle shot from her finger entering the forehead of the stunned Shinna who seemed to spasm for a moment before going limp. “There, I'll just give her memories of getting lost in the woods and falling out of a tree or something. No harm done, and no decapitations.”

“Fucking Mercury, always spoiling my fun.” Martian Assassin grumbled to herself as she walked off.

Several more orcs emerged from the bushes as the second magical girl turned to them. “We took care of the clone. I'm going to need you guys to clean this up before this little girl wakes up. Her memories have been modified but it wouldn't do to have this monsters corpse here when she comes to.”

It didn't take long as the orcs took away the body and dispersed nanites that even got rid of any traces of blood leaving Shinna and Tempura Panda alone in the woods. His body was wracked in pain, all he could do was crawl towards his friend. “Sh...Shinna...please be ok...Shinna....” he lost consciousness as he collapsed next to her. As he slept the fang wounds on his body closed as it healed with unnatural efficiency, the purplish blood on his body evaporated like ethereal ectoplasm. Another property of the strange little creature is he could heal anything short of a mortal wound fairly quickly. This was an ability even he did not know he had up until this point.

A short while later Shinnas eyes slowly opened as she heard a strange yet familiar sound nearby. It sounded similar to the sound a rabbit makes when it cries

She knew that sound quite well, it was the sound Tempura Panda made when he cried. This time his cry sounded more desperate then the other times she heard him. She looked over to see him hunched over her body sobbing his eyes out.

“Ohhh...darn I knew I shouldn't have climbed that tree...T-P what's wrong?” Shinna said as she sat up pulling him to her.

Tempura Panda did a double take pausing from his crying. “Sh-Shinna? Your ok! *sob* I thought you were dead!” He hugged her still crying as he buried his face in her.

“You silly! I just fell out of a tree. It's not like some terrible alien was about to eat me or anything!” Shinna said caressing the crying animal.

“W-What are you talking about? There was a monster! I fought it to save you! But...But I couldn' was too strong...and then you died...a magical girl shot a needle into your head...”

“Really?” Shinna asked with a look of doubt on her face. “Listen T-P what I remember is us climbing into that tree and then we both fell down. I must have passed out but I think you did too, it was all a dream. Just a scary dream! Also a magical girl wouldn't kill an innocent human child.”

He looked away, guilt in his eyes “No, I tried to save you, but it was too strong. It was going to kill you...I couldn't do anything...I couldn't do anything to help you...” his body trembled slightly as tears began to flow from his eyes again. “It wasn't a was too real...much too real! It hurt so bad when that monster bit hurt so much...”

“It was a dream! Look I'm fine, your fine too! Nothing happened!” The little bear could only look at her with a baffled expression on his face.

“What? No it had to be hurt so bad when it bit.....” he looked down, the wounds had all healed. “They're gone...but no it had to be real......was it a couldn't be...” he ran his paws over where the fangs had sunk into his flesh, not even a scar was there, the blood was gone too.

“It was a dream silly, lets go home and get something to eat.” She said as she gave him a pat on the head. “You don't have to worry about protecting me from monsters. I'm not going anywhere. “ she said as she gave him a hug.

“Oh...ok...w-well if there really was a monster, I would protect you. I'm a ferocious bear you know! Everyone is afraid of me! Yeah it must have been a dream because if it was real that monster wouldn't know what hit it!” He said, at least appearing to gain back a bit of his old confidence as he wiped away the tears. But even so, that monster, the indescribable pain...and worst of all the screams of Shinna, that was one nightmare he hoped he would never have again.

“Haha sure you are...anyway I am grateful that you kept the scary monsters away from me.” Shinna said as she picked him up off the ground putting him on her shoulders and walked away from what had almost been the scene of their deaths.

Later that night

Shinna lay in bed, the full moon was visible in the skylight above. Laying beside her was Tempura Panda. “Shinna...what do you think it feels like to die?” she had taught him what death was. But he hadn't given it much thought until today.

“It probably hurts a lot...” She answered absent mindedly as she stared at the moon. That seemed to be the wrong thing to say as she heard another small rabbit like cry as two small stubby arms clung to her body. “'s ok....whats wrong? Is it that dream again? Listen there's no monsters here and I think you won't die for awhile, you only came to exist recently.”

“I don't want to die at all. But more then that I don't want you to die. What if you died? I would have nothing...I would be alone. When I imagine's terrifying...more terrifying then that monster or the magical girl in my dream. I don't want to lose you. I thought I was a strong ferocious bear but I'm not! I'm useless! If something dangerous happens again you'll die and I won't be able to stop it!” he began to sob again as she pulled him to her.

“ don't need to be a ferocious bear. Your my cute little teddy bear, that's all you need to be. You don't need to protect me, that was a dream and nothing bad will happen. I used to be so lonely before you came, I didn't need a protector, I needed a friend and that's what you are!”

“But Shinna...someday you'll still die...I can't bare to think of it!” Shinna rubbed his head reassuringly

“You know, the God Empress Solar Assassin has a special reward for those who serve the state well. I learned about it in the program. She rules over a magical kingdom in another dimension called Togenkyo. If a human serves the union for one hundred years they will be sent there where they live eternity in happiness. The harvester hasn't assigned me a roll yet, but when it does I'm sure I'll be good at it. Then someday after I've done my part for the union I'll take you to Togenkyo with me. We can live forever there without having to worry about monsters or anything else.”

“R-Really?” Even to the naive little animal, this place sounded too good to be true. But then again, Shinna wouldn't lie to him, and she learned about this place in her class. It must be real! Maybe death wasn't anything to worry about after all Then again a lot could happen between now and don't think about that. He shook the thought from his head, in the real world there were no monsters, magical girls never hurt innocents either. That had just been a silly dream like Shinna said.. Snuggling up against his friend Tempura Panda slowly went to sleep. A day that had almost ended horribly for both of them instead slipped away into the peaceful night. However, these two young friends would soon face horrors that today's nightmare would pale in comparison. But for now at least they had a happy ending.

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