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About this comic

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Hey all, thought I would talk a little bit about this. Parasite Galaxy is an idea that sort of germinated from a couple different things. The primary thing that started it was a series of short stories I wrote some years ago detailing the adventures of a half snake magical girl. The stories were kind of unfocused where I just did whatever I wanted with them, but I made things more refined here. I would talk about the other things that this was based off of, but doing so would spoil some things in the plot, so I'll get to that later. Why is this comic called Parasite Galaxy you ask? Well there actually is a reason, but it's not time to let the cat out of the bag yet!

Parasite Galaxy doesn't really have a set genre, each story arc focuses on and combines elements of multiple different genres. Though intially I kind of wanted to do a sort of magical girl deconstruction it became something it a bit different along the way combinging elements from j-horror, experimental anime, exploitation films and other things. The first time I tried to launch this was back in 2007, needless to say due to lack of organization that never got off the ground. more recently I tried again, this time I got further and got a completed version of chapter 1, but that ultimately fell through too due to issues with the artist. This is the third time , the comic getting completely redone from the ground up. Sometime I might post the original version here too later on.

Anyway here is the team:

Atsuuikakura: This is me the creator of the story. My pen name Atsuuikakura is named after the sea monster from ainu legend spawned from a girls underwear. I do the writing/ color/digital effects & lettering

Philip Kuriawan: Philip is the pencil/ink artist I hired for this. You can see his deviant art page here

Mojofilter: The original character designer for this, Mojofilter requested I not link to any pages he is on since he is too shy for internet fame.

Cluedog: Cluedog is the replacement character designer I got for this and came up with some really good stuff, you can see cluedogs art here

Hahli1994: Hahli also did a few designs, you can see her page here


Also check out other related links, so far Prarsite Galaxy only has a tvtropes page and a bookface page




If you like this comic, it would be most appreciated if you could make a donation. All the artists listed above need to get paid and right now at least this is non for profit. So any help in funding is  welcome. Or you could also buy something from me on amazon here