Parasite Galaxy - Our Characters So Far

Our Characters So Far

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Hebiko: Hebiko is a chimera magical girl who works for the MCU (Magical Communist Union), in some ways she is considered an embarrassment to them because she doesn't reflect the image that the MCU tries to protray their magical girls as. However her unparralelled fighting ability has earned her a place in a secret mission to find and destroy the "Trigger Of Oblivion" a mysterious item which if destroyed can end Muucurions reign of terror in the universe. She's naive, childish and a bit of a ditz but is also extremly brave and doesn't give up easy. Hebiko also has a dark side that most people don't see unless they are on the receiving end of her wrath. Hebikos origin is shrouded in mystery, who created her? Why did they create her?

Likes: Ice cream, Hamsters, Anime

Dislikes: Bad Guys, Poop, Discrimination


Matt Cubbage: If this was a harem anime, he would be some bland average guy who all the ladies inexplicably love. If this was a shojo manga he would be a bishonen who throws roses at people. But too, bad your just going to have to settle for this guy instead of those things. Matt is a highschool boy who moved to Imperial Wapan from Benmark with his sister, Celes Cubbage who has a job as an agent of the imperial secret police. Their parents died when he was young under mysterious cercumstances and even now he doesn't know how this happened. Matts average appearance may fool those around him, but the truth is he's an ambitious guy. Some day he wants to live large and be in charge! After his chance encounter with Hebiko, will this help that dream? Or will it be his ultimate ruin?

Likes: Money, Burgers

Dislikes: When something crazy and unexpected happens


Gemini: Gemini is Hebikos partner, like Hebiko she is also considered an embarresment to MCU because... well we'll get to that later. Gemini is a genius techno sorceror, unrivaled in all of the MCU. She has a somewhat sarcastic and mischeivious personality. Gemini knows more about Hebikos mission then she does, as of right now the two of them have been seperated.

Likes: Psycho technical talk, playing pranks, cool looking shades

Dislikes: When people talk about her past


Coco Thunder: Coco Thunder is a sentient interstellar bike Gemini made that functions as her familiar. Coco tends to look down on most people because it believes itself to be a superior intelligence.

Likes: Gemini

Dislikes: People of inferior intelligence

Celes Cubbage: Celes is Matts older sister, before coming to Wapan she served as a sniper in the Republic of Benmarks military.  She now works as a member of Wapans imperial secret police. At age 17, she had to take care of her younger brother as both of their parents died under mysterious cercumstances or so the story goes. Celes is has a short temper and won't take shit from anyone and tends to be a bit reckless. but she also cares deeply for her younger brother and will do what it takes to protect him from whatever comes their way.

Likes: Drinking, Guns

Dislikes: When Matt or Hebiko does something stupid.

Mac: Mac is a hard core  Bro-whoofer (the pg uiverse version of bronie) and also a big fan of harem, magical girl and lolicon anime. He came to Wapan to help his friend Shiro with some crazy scheme , but really came to buy a bunch of hard to find hentai. However before he even left the airplane he found himself being drawn into a world of bizzare mystery and horror as he meets the mysterious Sadako Faust the creator of My little Kelpie and even see's what appears to be a sentient couch on the plane wing. Things would only get weirder for Mac who would soon find himself drawn into world changing events he never thought possible.

Likes: My little kelpy, Hentai, Lolicon, magical girls, body pillows, Sadako Faust, talking about things he likes with people who like the same things

Dislikes: Getting too caught up in Shiros crazy schemes, almost getting killed



Muucurion: The mighty destroyer of worlds currently rampaging throughout the universe! It's currently either unknown or MCU classfied information how this being came to be. But her power is unrivaled, even the combined might of all MCU's military is nothing but flies to this galactic behemoth. The majority of her body exists outside 3D space, her cow form will usually arrive on a world, sample a bit of it, then her main body will completely consume the world and everything around it shortly afterwards.

Likes: Eating things

Dislikes: Not eating things

Heinrich: The leader of the global clandestine syndecate known as anonymous. This mysterious man is feared by both presidents and kings, yet the common man has no inkling of his existence. Controlling both criminal organizations and supernatural monsters from the shadows, Heinrich is truly a fearful man the likes of which our heros have never dealt with before. What is the secret behind this mystery man? Just what dwells in his shadowy past?

Likes: Cats, Finding the trigger of Oblivion, Singing German folk music, Plotting schemes

Dislikes: Anyone or anything that gets in his way.

King Nekokotsu: Heinrichs mysterious pet, King Nekokotsu is a strange glowing and partially see through cat that can often be seen following his master. It's unknown exactly what their relationship is, but if you haven't guessed, he is not a normal cat.

Likes: Torturing those weaker then him

Dislikes: Any dog strong enough to put up a fight

Tempura Panda: The fear drenched urban legend said to spirit away those unlucky enough to cross his path. Tempura Panda is also a member of the elite group serving under Heinrich, the 13 devils of anonymous, his number is 10.

Likes: Tormenting humans, tempura, children, Smiles

Dislikes: Adult and teenaged humans, being trapped in the valley of novelty, Shuichi, Heinrich, the 6th devil of anonymous, sushi/ramen shops

Kigurumi: The 7th Devil of Anonymous, her power is renowned and feared even among the other devils, with only Mr.Box being a known rival, though there are severl members such as the Director and Platina Entropy no one knows anything about that could possibly be stronger. Kigurumi was once an A-class magical girl, but mutated into what is known as an Aberration. An aberration is a former magical girl whose powers mutate in such a way she becomes a monster, this happens on both a physical and mental level as those who undergo such transformations tend to find their bodies both transformed in strange and unpredictable ways and usually will also experinece some degree of mental scarring/instability accompanying such transformations if not outright insanity. Also acpanying such transformations are great power boosts. Kigurumis current power is on par with that of the heliocentric assassins. As she is now Kigurumi is deeply resentful of the magical communist union which wants her dead due to the existence of abberrations being outlawed. Prior ro joining Anonymous she was a member of the resistence.

Likes: Dressing up in fancy dresses and other fasionable outfits, Martial arts, changing people into weird stuff, Mr.Couch, The Lost Children

Dislikes: The magical communist union, Solar Assassin

Biomancer: Biomancer is the first devil of Anonynmous, he was the first allie recruited by Heinrich. Biomancer like Kigurumi was once a member of the resistence, though in his case it was not for any altruistic reasons, rather it was because his human experiments were considered to be too heinous even by the standards of the MCU. Prior to joining the resistence he was a scientist who worked on an MCU project to weaponize abberrations. Kigurumi is aware of his past, as such she harbors a bit of animosty towards him. Biomancer also created a "daughter" Platina Entropy, the 8th devil of Anonynmous. Very  little is known about her outside Biomencers inner circle. Biomancer also controls the two largest gangs in Wapan "Satans Dinosaurs" and "The Vagina Bloods" which were both mutated into superhuman monsters by his technomagic.

Likes: Human experimentation, Platina Entropy, Abusing Platina Entropy

Dislikes: Disobedience, Authority figures that try to limit what he can experiment on

Everyone Else:

Subwoofer: Subwoofer is a mysterious green dog who is often seen wandering around Matts home town, sometimes showing up in the most unexpected places. Is he really just a dog, or is there more to him then meets the eye?

Likes: Biting people

Dislikes: Anyone who tries to get too familiar with him

Crazy Melon Man: So far his only appearance is in the comic sites banner. He's not a particularly important character, but he does like his cosmic melons. He farms his special melons inside the hollow earth, unfortunately he has trouble keeping all the Deros, Teros, Dwarves and Reptilians off of his property.

Likes: Melons

Dislikes: Bathing

Raishomei: A mysterious reptilian creature weilding a golden hockey stick. He can often be seen following Subwoofer from a distance. Is this mysterious creature freind or foe to our heros?

The Mysterious Chubby Boy: This mysterious chubby boy witnessed the meeting of Matt and Hebiko. Who is he and why could he see her?


Futaba Kichijoji: The number one student at Matts school. Aside from being a genius she is also part of the famous w-pop idol band Hexidecimal Chocolate. All around she seems too perfect, what dark secret is she hiding?

Likes: Girls with white hair, playing in her band, revenge

Dislikes: Her ex

K-5 : The goddess of novelty who rules over the valley of novelty. Older then the universe, she wields both the forces of death and creation.

Likes: When something fun happens

Dislikes: Boring things

Shuichi Serazawa: A famous underground manga artist and also Matts classmate, he also has advanced knowledge of robotics. Despite his talents though, Shuichi is not a people person and is a borderline hikkikomori. He tends to have somewhat bleak views on humanity and believes that the world could do with alot less people on it. He is the first known human to have made contact with Tempura Panda.

Likes: drawing manga, making dolls, making robots

Dislikes: People, Tempura Panda

Smiles: Smiles is an Artificial Domestic Humanoid or ADH constructed by Shuichi in his spare time. Her appearance reflects his unique taste in womens appearance. Smiles is loyal to Shuichi, but unlike other ADH's she appears to have some degree of self awareness. How she got this and how she can see Hebiko are a mystery. Smiles almost never speaks through her mouth but usually speaks through the robotic raven connected to her head.


Dislikes: Anything that threatens him, getting violated

Sadako Faust: Sadako is the creator of the childrens cartoon "My Little Kelpy" . On the surface she has a cheerful and somewhat oblivious pertsonality, but beneath all that she seems to be a very mysterious person. When she does crossword puzzels the thoughts of those around her seem to show up in the puzzel. She has also demonstrated the ability to pull objects seemingly out of nowhere. What secret does she hide?

Likes: When something fun happens

Dislikes: Boring things

Aquarius: Aquarius, also known as the ghost of space bigfoot, is a spectral being Matt encountered while he was dead and appears to be some sort of spirit guide for him. He may have also had some sort of connection to Gemini when he was alive.

Likes: The works of Shakespear

Dislikes: When people don't cooporate with something he's trying to do.